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Top 10 Places to buy Herbal Incense?

1st best place to buy herbal incense

B2Stuf Incense

B2Stuf, 100% legal, fast and discrete. B2stufIncense.com offers a wide variety of popular herbal incense blends. All orders ship from the United States and come with a tracking number. They accept VISA and can be reached by email at sales@b2stufincense.com.
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2rd Place

Legal Herbal Bud

Great prices and all your favorites herbal incense blends: Caution, Scooby Snax, Joker and Geeked up to name a few. Legal Herbal Bud, has the cheapest pricing for 2014 with the highest quality and potency with single and wholesale available. Product ships the same day if ordered before 5pm. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Please check them out and give them a try, FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Visit Legal Herbal Bud

3rd Place


Herbalaxation has been marketing herbal incense for years, a name you can trust. They accept Visa, Mastercard and Discovery, satisfaction guarantee and same day shipping is their goal. They offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $60. Some of the dozens of blends hey carry: Bizarro, Blaze it UP, Zero Gravity and Platinum. They also carry Cannabioid free organic legal herbal blends. Visit Herbalaxation

4th Place

Organic Spice Blend

Organic Spice Blend, 100% Legal and MADE IN USA products ONLY! You'll find some great deals on quality herbal incense products here. FREE Shipping and a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any product. They also do Wholesale to you guys looking for large quantities. Some of their products include: Black Mamba, Spice GOLD, Diesel and Bizarro. Visit Organic Spice Blend

5th Place


Smokable-Incense, the name says it all, what you may be looking for such as WTF, Mad Hatter and Zero Gravity. They offer free shipping and accept Visa, Master card and American Express. Check them out and get some great product at awesome prices. Visit Smokable-Incense

6th Place

Fine Herbal Incense

Fine Herbal Incense, more than just a name, they have a nice selection of Herbal Incense products. You will want to check out their Package section for multiple quantity discounts. Also, they have a Limited Time Only with some great products like: Vendetta, Pure Evil, Hammer Head and Grape Ape. Wholesale available to commercial clients. Visit Fine Herbal Incense

7th Place

Incense Center

Incense Center, has been in business for a long time, great service keeps them going. You will be happy with all the products these guys sell. Their prices are great and shipping is right on time. Don't miss the current SALE they have on Mad Hatter 3 PACK (3g each) for an awesome price. Visit Incense Center

8th Place

Green Herbz

Green Herbz, carries over a dozen 2014 legal blends and all of them are Cannabinoid Free. Safe and Discrete! Some of their super potent blends include: Neutronium, IBlown, Scooby Snax, Super Nova and Angry Bird just to name a few. FREE SHIPPING! Visit Green Herbz

9th Place

Legal Herbal Boutique

Legal Herbal Boutique, the latest legal herbal incense for 2014. Quality blends such as: Bizarro, Mad Hatter, Purple Diesel, Caution, Bling Bling Monkey and MORE! Visit them now and use the DISCOUNT Coupon "HERBAL" for a 5% DISCOUNT on all orders. Visit Legal Herbal Boutique

10th Place

The Herbal Shop

The Herbal Shop is a small clean little site, no flash, just the products you are looking for. If you want Mr. Nice Guy, 07H Kush, Mad Hatter or I-Blown they have you covered with FREE Shipping also. They also offer 1oz packages for a resonable 140$. Visit The Herbal Shop

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