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Welcome to the Herbal Incense Locator, we are the original specialist for locating quality sources to fill your herbal needs. These suppliers are all verified and considered trustworthy suppliers of quality herbal incense products.

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Top 10 Places to buy Herbal Incense?

1st best place to buy herbal incense

Legal Herbal Bud

Make your first stop when looking for the cheapest prices on hand picked super strong potent herbal incense blends. All orders receive FREE RUSHED SHIPPING with tracking via USPS. Their products are all lab tested and certified 100% legal in 50 states. Herbal incense products for sale here include: Scooby Snax, Green Giant, AK-47, Krazy Jack, Joker, Geeked UP Mad hatter and many more. You can pay for your order with most major credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discover & American Express. See why they are rated #1! Visit Legal Herbal Bud

2rd Place

Herbal Biz

HERBAL-BIZ.COM – Verified Seller offering USA made, Premium Grade Herbal Incense that’s 100% Legal in all 50 States! Very Competitive pricing, if not the best for the quality you get.
CREDIT CARDS - Credit Cards accepted including: Visa and Mastercard
SHIPPING - 2-4 day priority shipping. Free Shipping orders over $100
CUSTOMER SERVICE - Top rate customer service with very quick responses via Email
POPULAR BRANDS - 3g bags- only $22.99, 10g bags - only $41.99, All the major Brand names including Bizarro, Platinum Caution, Scooby Snax, WTF, Joker, Sexy Monkey, Smacked, Mad Hatter, OMG, King Kong and more
Visit Herbal Biz Now

3rd Place

Legal Herbal Budz

Legal Herbal Budz is one of the 5 original Herbal Incense stores. They manufacturer the strongest herbal blends available and have become known as artisans in the herbal incense industry. A premium verified seller with products that are 100% legal in 50 states. Legal Herbal Budz has two physical locations, one in Manhattan, New York and one in Florida. They offer TOTALLY FREE domestic shipping and very cheap international shipping with tracking. Check their site out weekly for The Biggest weekly discounts found on the web on their over 100 products. All major credit, debit and gift cards accepted. Visit Legal Herbal Budz

4th Place

Si Products Inc

SIProducts Inc, is widely known for great package deals, from 3 packs to 50 packs you can really save as low as $10 per pack. OVERNIGHT delivery is offered for both usps and ups. They have great online reviews and provide good customer service. They carry Just Chill CDB Oil and other quality herbal incense products like: Atomic, Caution, Snoop Dogg, Mad Monkey, Get Me, Envy, Smacked and more. Visit Si Products Inc

5th Place

Scooby Snax Herbal Incense

Scooby Snax Herbal Incense has a great selection of herbal incense not just scooby. They carry all the great brands like Bizarro, Herbal Mayham, Caution, Kush, Mr. Nice Guy and more. Great deals on large 250gram packages. FREE Standard shipping on all orders over 50 dollars. Pay with your Visa and get shipping to all 50 states. Use DISCOUNT CODE “scooby” without the quotes to receive 10% off your order. Visit Scooby Snax Herbal Incense

6th Place

Diablo Incense

Diablo Incense is a premium herbal incense provider. For over half a decade they have became a well known source and have excellent customer service. They process and ship orders daily, USPS Priority shipping 3 to 5 days. Not just diablo incense, they carry quality products like: Scooby Snax, Platinum XXX, Geeked UP, Black Diamond and Caution. They also have Ninja Liquid Incense. Wholesale is available. Visit for quality herbal incense at great prices.

7th Place

Herbal Mayhem

Herbal Mayhem has been a trusted source since 2010 making it one of the oldest herbal incense sites on the internet. They have low pricing on herbal incense and great discounts on 3 or more packages deals. Shipping to all 50 states with Priority Shipping offered for Rush Orders. Complete line of products including Bizarro, Cheshire Cat, Mind Trip, Mr. Mummy, Orgazmo, Mr Nice Guy and AK-47. Place your order online or via the Phone. Visit Herbal Mayhem

8th Place


Incenser is a great source for updated herbal incense products. Nothing but original products here no fakes. Quality products Great service and FREE Shipping what else is needed? They sell products like Black Diamond, Mr Sin, Swagoo, Third Eye, Nuclear Bomb and Twilite. Get your Incenser on Today! Visit Incenser

9th Place

Scents Direct

Scents Direct offer quality products, great service and the best pricing on Package deals. FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Their service is fast, orders are shipped within 24 hours. Their products include great products such as Pure Ruby, Liberty, Platinum XXX, Black Diamond, Cloud Nine Platinum and more. Visit Scents Direct

10th Place

Herbal Incense Guru is all knowing and welcomes you. Herbal Incense Guru carries new hot blends like: Bizarro, New Super Man, Caution, Joker, Mind Trip, Scooby Snax, Kush and other great products. FREE Standard shipping on orders over $100 and priority shipping is available for only $9.99. Shipping to all 50 states and pay with Visa Credit Cards. Check out their exclusive brand of herbal incense “Herbal Mayhem” it is a customer favorite. Visit


Herbal Incense for Sale

Herbal incense is sold all over the web and world. There are 10 scams sites for every good place you find, please be aware and shop with caution. The sites listed on this page are all verified sites and you can expect nothing but great service and quality products. Please share and experiences you have with us both good and bad we are interested in your opinions.

Herbal Incense Wholesale

Wholesale and large purchase options are available at several of the sites listed here. Some of the sites have special wholesale sections for large quantity purchases. Save big and order wholesale herbal incense from people you can trust.

Buy Herbal Incense Online

Purchasing any product online is only as safe and secure as the site you are purchasing from. When looking for quality herbal incense products you should visit Herbal Incense Locator first. The Herbal Incense market is changing constantly, new sites come online all the time. Don't just pick anyone and hope for a good experience, we provide reliable sources that you can trust.

Cheap Herbal Incense

Is cheap what you really want? The sites listed here offer quality products you can trust at great pricing. Don't be fooled by scam sites with crap products that shouldn't be sold. Purchase from known sites listed here and you'll receive quality products.